I haven’t used conventional deodorant in years.  It has crazy ingredients- that sit on your skin All Day Long.  It stained my clothes and gave me a headache from the perfumes mixed in.  I felt like my armpits couldn’t breathe, they were covered in gook.

Natural deodorants have their own problems.  I tried many brands that just plain utterly failed.  Believe me, that is No Fun.  I finally did find one that works for me, which is Toms of Maine, unscented.  It doesn’t stain your clothes, it feels good on your skin, and it works.  But.  If you look at their ingredients, as wonderful as it is that they don’t use aluminum, there are still lots of ingredients that I am not completely comfortable with.  It definitely works in a pinch – but I have discovered a new method!!  It sounds a bit crazy, and the idea is not original to me.  But it works!  I got the idea from Liz at  It is simple and practically free!  It absolutely works for me, and it is quite pleasant. 🙂

*how a person eats affects how they smell, there is no doubt about it!  Before I cleaned up my diet, I’m not sure if this would have worked… but it does now!  And if it doesn’t work for you, consider eliminating refined flours, sweeteners and processed oils out of your diet for a while and try again! 🙂

Coconut Oil
Baking Soda

I have little jars of both of them.  I rub a little coconut oil under each arm, then dip the oily fingers in the baking soda – just enough that sticks to the oil, and rub that under my arms.  Done for the day!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Deodorant

    • What a great question! The autoimmune protocol is for people who have autoimmune issues – which means their immune system attacks their own body (such as Hashimotos Thyroiditis, or Rheumatoid Arthritis) or foods that aren’t supposed to be a threat to the body (like an egg allergy which causes a skin condition). This usually includes having a “leaky gut” or “intestinal permeability” where the gut lining has some holes in it which allow undigested food through. Your body doesn’t recognize these undigested (usually protein) particles, and attacks them. So the autoimmune protocol eliminates the foods that usually cause a reaction, like eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades, grains, etc… It gives the gut a chance to heal and seal – and hopefully those foods can be re-introduced later on. Does this help at all? Please let me know if you have any other questions! Mary 🙂

      • Oh! And, for the record, environmental allergies are almost always linked to a food allergy – most often dairy and grains. My husband had debilitating allergies that Completely disappeared when he gave up dairy and grains. 🙂

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