A Word About Sweet Treats

Alas!  One does not become a pastry chef without having some sort of sugar addiction.  Sweets are my attraction and temptation.  Unfortunately, almost every bad thing in the body eats sugar.  (From Cancer to Yeast.)  As much as I would love to go to town on the Treats Section, I’m going to try to keep them to a minimum.  Try being the key word here. 🙂

I would also like to say: Coconut.  When nuts, seeds, dairy, and grains are out of the picture, coconut, chocolate and fruit are just about all that is left.  You will find that to be a common theme in my Treats Section – and while I fully believe that coconut is fantastic for you, nothing should be overdone.  These sweets are meant to be eaten sparingly, but thoroughly enjoyed.

*I would like to say that there is a difference between starchy carbohydrates and sweet treats – I feel so satisfied and energetic after a meal that includes yams and potatoes and pumpkin, etc…


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