Mashed Cauliflower

For those of you who are avoiding nightshades for any reason, or just like variety, these taste SO much like mashed potatoes!  Ernie thinks I should serve them at a party and not tell anyone what they are.  We don’t think they will be able to tell the difference!  It does require a food processor, however!  🙂

2013-01-30 07.45.27

1 head cauliflower
Several Tbs. olive oil, coconut oil, or butter (Use as much as you want :))
Salt and Pepper
2 or 3 cloves garlic, chopped (optional!)

1. Rinse, trim and cut up cauliflower.

2. Place in a saucepan with some water, and steam until quite tender.  Drain.

3. Place in your food processor with optional fat.  (If you want to use garlic, saute it in the fat gently, until the garlic is cooked through.  This is yummy with garlic, but is good without it, too.)

4.  Puree until it is smooth, adding salt and pepper to taste.  If the cauliflower is tender enough, you won’t need extra liquid besides the fat.

5. Serve just like mashed potatoes!  🙂


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