Cranberry Orange Smoothie

My dad is unquestionably obsessed with cranberries.  They are his cure all!  And he is right!  The little berries are overwhelmingly packed with nutrients, it’s astonishing!  Click Here to read an extensive article about how amazing cranberries are.*

Unfortunately, cranberries are forgotten by most health conscious people because of the amount of sugar they require to make them palatable.  One of my favorite childhood tricks was to hand an unsuspecting (out-of-town) guest a cranberry and let them taste it.  The guest would see the beautiful crimson berry and delightfully take a bite, only to pucker up and have to spit it out in a second.  So funny! 😉  Some people love to eat them plain, like my dad and my niece.  Most people need to sweeten them up.  Cranberries match with oranges so well.  This smoothie is not even a recipe it’s so simple, but SO refreshing and good!  If you like reasonably tart – go with the 1/2 of cranberries.  If you like it sweet, go with the 1/4 cup.  (The half cup is SO much better!) 🙂

2013-02-07 19.59.38

1 whole large orange, peeled
1/4 – 1/2 cup frozen cranberries

1. Cut the peeled orange in half crosswise and remove any seeds.  Quarter it.

2. Add the cut up and orange to your blender with the cranberries and blend up!  It doesn’t make a huge amount, but it’s utterly refreshing, pleasantly tart, and a great addition to your breakfast!  Enjoy! 🙂
*Always be careful to not over-consume any one food.  Cranberries have a profound affect on the body in preventing disease, but too much is not usually better. 🙂


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