My husband and I are celebrating Valentines Day today instead of Thursday!  It allows him to avoid waiting in long lines at the florist, 🙂 and we can go out to eat without hordes of other couples.  I also find it very meaningful to observe Lent (which starts tomorrow).  It also happens to be a very convenient way to inspire myself to avoid sugar. 🙂

I am not particularly liturgical in my faith, and I don’t observe Lent for the same reasons that some do.  Traditionally it implies that giving something up would make right all our wrongs.  But I do it as a way to remember Easter.  I love celebrating Christ’s resurrection!  To me, it represents New Life!  Another chance!  I can’t think of any greater joy.  So as I observe Lent, it makes me count down to Easter.  A symbol of new life, celebrated with health, joy and vitality! 

So for Lent, I’m going to pretty much eat clean, (a Whole 30, minus the nuts, seeds, nightshades and eggs – because of my food intolerances.)  For me, that means my normal food, with no chocolate, honey, maple syrup, or occasional potato chips, and for the 40 plus days instead of 30!  This is where the righting wrongs comes in for me!  I need the extra time to let my body heal! 

So, whatever your convictions are, New Life and Health should be inspiration for anyone!  I will be posting encouragement, recipes and fun ideas every day during Lent (minus Sundays, except for Easter Sunday!)  If you care to join me, I would welcome you along the way!  If you just want to check in and get some fun new ideas for wholesome living, you are welcome here. 🙂  Feel free to let me know how your experience is going!  I hope you find encouragement along the way. 🙂


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