Beet Kvass

I made beet kvass using this recipe, with some slight variations.  You can read how she did hers, how I did mine, and try it!  Beet Kvass is a healthy tonic that originated in Russia.  It aids digestion and helps thin bile, is an amazing blood tonic, and is full of vitamins, vitality and life – you can read more about it here!

002                                        The Kvass in this picture is not finished – I like mine a bit more opaque. 🙂

1 half Gallon mason jar
3 medium sized beets
1 1/2 Tbs. Sea Salt
1/2 cup purchased raw beet kvass (or from a previous batch – or whey)
Enough water to fill your jar

1. Peel and chop your beets.  You don’t want them grated, just peeled and rough chopped.

2. Combine them with the other ingredients in your half gallon jar.  Shake a little to dissolve.

3. Let sit out until the liquid is fairly opaque and tart.  Most people say 3 days, but my house is cooler and I let it go 7 days.  (If you taste it and it tastes like salty beet water, let it go longer…)  Just stick the jar in the refrigerator when you are done.

4. Mine got a white film on it, so I looked it up, and you can read this site, it is fine! 🙂  Just skim it off and don’t worry about it.

5.   Only drink a few ounces before a meal.  A little goes a lone way!  *Be careful, beets stain Everything! 🙂

6.  Enjoy and be healthy! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Beet Kvass

  1. I have heard of this, but didn’t know it had so many healthy properties! I have recently (well, in the last few years) learned I love beets, so I might have to try this! I love that it is so easy 🙂 Pinning for future reference!

  2. I just bought beets to make Cohen’s baby food. This is a good idea though and will accomplish our goals as well! (We’ve NEVER eaten beets, so this will be a new experience for us.)

    Question: I’m borrowing a juicer from a friend. Can I juice beets and get the same effect as this?

    • I’m so glad you are interested in this! It’s So good for you and could even be apart of my recommendations for you after I gather all the info I need from you! But in the meantime, it can’t hurt! I wouldn’t use a juicer – it would turn alcoholic – just chopped raw beets. This way is much easier and takes fewer beets anyway… 🙂

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