Homemade Coconut Milk

I go through a fair amount of coconut milk!  It makes sense, since I avoid dairy, grains and nuts, but good coconut milk isn’t cheap!  It is easy to make your own for just pennies per cup, with no added gums or stabilizers.  And it is good for pretty much everything except whipped coconut cream!  I use The Paleo Mom’s recipe, except I typically double it.  If I’m just making it for mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, or a creamy pureed soup, I don’t even bother straining it, which makes it so convenient.  If it is for a beverage, a dessert, or something with a more smooth consistency, I strain it.  The Paleo Mom has an excellent post about her recipe, feel free to read it here! 🙂


1 1/2 cups unsweetened, organic, finely shredded coconut
2 1/2 cups filtered water, just boiling


1. Mix the coconut and hot water in your blender.  Blend on high for five minutes.  If you feel your machine will heat up, feel free to give it a little break, but mine has no problems.

2.  Pour into a nut milk bag, or a strainer lined with several layers of cheesecloth/very thin tea towel.  Let it strain until it cools, then squeeze out every last drop of creamy delicious coconut milk.


3. Refrigerate the milk.  The coconut pulp can be used in a recipe, or dehydrated to use as coconut flour.  (I’m going to try to come up with some recipes for the pulp.)


4.  Yaay!  Beautiful, creamy coconut milk!  So yummy! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Homemade Coconut Milk

  1. That looks amazing!! I’ve been on a serious dairy-free homemade ice cream kick lately & I bet this milk would be perfect for it! The possibilities are flooding my mind right now! 😀

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  3. I’ll have to try this. I have a bag of shredded coconut that’s been sitting in my pantry for a while. But it isn’t finely shredded. What will that do to the result? Also- why isn’t it good for whipped coconut cream? Just curious. I’m looking to use it for my curried vegetables recipe, which I assume would be fine.

    Thanks Mary! 🙂

    • Hi Leah! I think the shredded coconut would work fine, but you might need a little more as it doesn’t pack down as tightly as the finely shredded coconut. 🙂 I’m not sure why it isn’t good for whipped cream, but I think it is either because there are no gums and stabilizers, or because it just isn’t quite as thick and concentrated as the canned coconut milk. I did try to whip it and it didn’t work 🙂 But it is totally yummy and works in recipes… 🙂

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