Quick Strawberry Ice Cream

This recipe requires a high powered blender with a tamper to push the frozen fruit down – such as a Vitamix.  Otherwise you could make a very delicious strawberry milk shake using a regular blender, with  frozen banana, unfrozen strawberries and some extra coconut milk.  It is so very delicious and fast!  This tastes best fresh as it gets pretty hard in the freezer.  Happy Summer! 🙂


1 cup frozen organic strawberries
1 frozen ripe banana, cut into chunks
1/2 cup creamy coconut milk (or use canned coconut milk that is creamy but liquidy)

1. Place all the ingredients in your high powered blender, with the tamper in place.

2. Turn on low, and work the speed up, pushing the fruit into the blades with the tamper.  It doesn’t take long! 🙂

3. Enjoy immediately! 🙂

*I tried making this with a food processor, don’t try it!  It was such a mess… 🙂

This recipe was shared on Pennywise Platter 🙂


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